In the digital age, content has become king. The entire basis of Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, and even Spotify is content organized by relevant keywords. These keywords are crucial in programming the bots that run our favorite sites and allow programmers to make things searchable. These keywords are cultivated by simply logging and observing patterns in the searches we do daily.

You can use your own website or blog in this manner to cultivate premium leads. Invite potential clients to email their questions and post the Q&A as content on your blog or website. These questions will be full of relevant keywords and phrases straight from a buyer’s mouth. Applying this content to your site with those relevant keywords allows you unique insight into what properties will sell. This type of marketing will also make your site more relevant to both buyers and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. In addition, the questions from clients will cultivate valuable keywords that you can, in turn, use to be more strategic in your Google, Facebook and Twitter ads.